For you to mean anything that matters, for you to live fully, you must start simply by knowing who you are. Unfortunately, you don’t get to know yourself by identifying with the temporary, like we all do. That’s why we are in this journey of Purpose together.


You are more than the balance of your bank account. You are more than the beautiful apartment you can finally afford, you are even more than that autumn day when you get to wear your best outfit. Winter will come because change is inevitable. If you haven’t learned to enjoy who you truly are as change continues to sweep through our lives, you will find that you are often lost. Your entire existence, your happiness, depending on the fleeting when you may as well latch on to the eternal within you.


But you have to keep these sort of sentiments quiet otherwise people think you are a hippie on the hunt for Ayahuasca. Still, you stand a six percent chance of people taking you seriously without dismissing you with the story of their real-life challenges. Better than nothing. Gonna give it a shot, hope you do too.


“The two most important days in life are the day you born and the day you discover the reason why.” — MARK TWAIN


It doesn’t matter how arduous your journey is. You have a duty to yourself, to give the best of you during your lifetime. This is the path to who you really are.




Your youthful beauty will fold, buried under wrinkles. People will come and go in your life and your disposable income will fluctuate. Indifference to the material of the world will serve you on your way to self-discovery. You don’t have to go full Shaolin monk, abandoning your family for a monastery. Start with this simple understanding, and earn your freedom into yourself, bit by bit. As you please.


Let go of your anger when the good turns bad. Do not get carried away when the bad turns into good. These changes are not you. They were never meant to make you who you are. Your life is more than a competition against the Joneses. Neither do not fit in an imaginary status quo. You are not the whimsical state of being.


You may ask, why bother training our minds to detach from things we can’t control, those events of our lives that are constantly changing?


“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” — CARL SANDBURG


Because you will be less preoccupied with things that don’t matter. You are going to need all the willpower possible to commit to the real you. You will have to overcome that initial rejection of a new idea. You are going to need to try new approaches and study the benefits they bring to you. This transformation is going to require a lot of internal focus and self-examination. Can’t do all that while you are clinging too tightly to the changes of the outside world. So we are dropping a few distractions, giving you a chance to find yourself.




If you are going to figure out who you are, then you are going to have to start by letting go. The meditation and mindfulness sort of letting go, sorry, no shortcuts.


As you commit to ruminating, accept that there are somethings you just have to trust to sort themselves out while you figure out who you are. Relax a bit, this doesn’t have to befuddle you. You are more than you believe.  


Who you are is deeper than a body, blood, cells or tissue. You are more than limbs wired to a brain. You are just …more. Accept it.


The evidence is in our language. I read a great example by Eckhart Tolle who said, “when you say something like, I hate myself, you are admitting that there is an I that is doing some hating towards your condition of self.”


That conscious and observing I is who you are. If that doesn’t convince you, well then, like the rule says, just accept it. You are more than the transient nature of all things.


It has alluded already, change is the law of life but not life itself. In becoming less dependent the ephemeral, you start to appear.


Think about it, cells are completely replaced every seven years or so. Technically you can receive a new heart and it doesn’t change who you are. You mature out of childish ways of thinking.


“Trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” — JOHANN WOLFGANG VAN GOETHE


Clearly, you are more than what you are made of. Everything that you are changes, but have you ever stopped feeling like the same you? Why not accept that there is something eternal about you? Something worth your respect and devotion.


You are that unwavering sense of self that connects your birth to your death. The gap in between is left for you to define.


If you can accept that there is more to you, then decide to experience the possibilities more has to offer, by following step three.




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To identify with who we truly are, we must resolve to never be selfish with two things: our love and our creativity.


You set free these basic elements of humanity, and your identity will not long find you.


There is nothing mystical about this notion. If you care deeply about the world around you, its problems will become glaring to you. If you unleash your creativity (by way of whatever hobbies or trade interest you), you will begin to express yourself authentically. Soon one of the problems you may address with your developed talents will become obvious. And in the process, you will be fulfilled by who you truly are.


So yea, while we are in the mood of accepting, understand that we as human being exist to share. A human life bears the responsibility of giving back. We ought to leave this world a tad better than we found it.


Find the essential balance between your internal and external world. Take the time to know what you enjoy doing for yourself, work that intrigues you. And don’t be afraid to keep trying.


Be conscious of the dilemmas you may affect. Connect the two discoveries and you will be rewarded for serving others through what you love.


Be on the lookout for how your adventure connects with the ambitions of others who are trying to make the world a better place. Don’t be selfish with your kindness or talents. Be ready to give, in order to realize who you are. And in your purpose, you will live your life as a gift.


This idea of purpose is who we all are. Though each of our journeys will be unique. Devote yourself to the best story your life can tell. I don’t mean in that in an egotistical way, you can only truly be selfish if you hold on too tightly to things that change, you become rigid. But life is best lived fluidly.


Your purpose is your flow, but you don’t get to connect with it unless you give your best based on the aforementioned principles.




I am not going to ask you to seek out a shaman. Neither does any of this process require solitude. You only need to make a decision and give yourself a bit of time.


Ask yourself, when all’s said and done, what will you want for your life to mean? Words won’t do justice to your answer. The advice of others will never encapsulate all you really are. You have to commit to these three steps, then let you unfold.


All of this means, time to stop looking forward to buying the next iPhone. Be excited about doing good and contributing your love and creativity to the betterment of your surroundings. You start doing this and you have taken the largest step imaginable towards being who you truly are. It is one of those things better experienced than over-explained.


“The meaning of life is to give life meaning.” — KEN HUDGINS


The world may never return the same affection that you bestow it. Your talent may never find its audience. But the better man is he who continues to grow and give regardless of reward. He contributes even if he is not acknowledged.  He doesn’t care for all those things that change outside of him like the opinion of others.

The stories of your dreams are the history of your children, how you will woo the perfect partner. It is how you will earn money while attracting the right sort of company, that which encourages and pushes you to do even more. In your purpose is the key to a future that is worthy of your existence. It is who you are.


Relax and trust your purpose, the reason for your being brought into this world, the legacy that will live after you were gone. I told you that you were eternal.



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