“Meh! I’d rather panic at the last minute than be in total control.” That’s how a lot of us get things done. That’s why we decided to put together this tips so you know how to stop procrastinating.

It took me six months to finally get my schedule done. Now that I have finally gotten it out of the way, I feel more productive than other. Now the only challenge is staying consistent. But hey! At least I got started, which for most of us is typically the problem.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” — WALT DISNEY



1. Solve Procrastination By Making A Pact With A Friend

When it especially comes to creating my daily routine (the one that ensures Bonds and Kindness stays on track), I never felt the push to get it done until I finally spoke to a friend about my hesitation. He was having the same problem. So we decided to hold each other accountable. We downloaded the Google Keep app and gave ourselves deadlines. Whatever needed to be done, we would immediately share on our lists and ever since then my pride has been driving me to check off as much as possible before he does. Just so I get to say, “yea. I am done with mine. What’s up with yours.”  The accountability helps friends that want to get the best out of each other. You ought to give it a shot.

If they are friends indeed, they will help with your deeds.

gerald vaughan procrastination quotes“Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow.” ― GERALD VAUGHAN



2. Resist Procrastination By Getting Two Minutes Done In No Time

Make it a rule to get the little things out of the way. I have just realized that something as simple as sending a text message to an old friend can seem like a doctoral thesis if you put it away for long enough. Plus your body can’t distinguish between the causes of anxiety. It doesn’t matter if it is a tiny task that continues to wear on your mind, they start to pile up and cortisol is all too happy to feast on your inaction. It is the maker of stress. Then the whole thing starts to snowball. You don’t tackle the small obligations, you certainly won’t get to the more important ones. But if you just get over those tasks that will cost you minute or two, the feeling of relief will drive you to accomplish more in a day.

Make it a rule. If it won’t take long, just get it done.

eva young procrastination quotes“To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.” — EVA YOUNG



3. To Beat Procrastination, Best Do Do The Toughest First

Out of everything I have to get done in the day, practicing Spanish has to be the most time-consuming. I spend an hour and a half with my language exchange partner, take notes then I have to review and practice on my own for an additional hour. I love it. But I dread it. So, on my schedule, on the days I have to learn, I put Spanish first. Why? Because everything you do during the day consumers willpower. You can replenish it, but that can take a while, it can take a whole day if you are all used up. Why take the risk? Use up the best of your motivation early in the morning, where I tucked in my daily fitness regimen. If it is really important to you, use the morning to see it through.

edward young procrastination quotes“Procrastination is the thief of time.” ― EDWARD YOUNG



4. Prepare for Procrastination: If The morning Is A Fight, Prepare For It At Night

I am not really into the whole thing about successful people needing to wake up early. As far as I see it, so long as I spend more hours than you working during the day then I will stay ahead. You keep your 6:00 AM alarm settings, I’ll snore till I am tired of sleep. Still, I have to admit there is something about the dawn, you get a lot more done. Plus sometimes you just need to get up, for a job interview, classes or a morning run.  If you hate the morning like me, chances are you’ll start off slow then panic out the door.

Solution? Get everything organized the night before. Pick out your clothes and line em up. Place your iPod on the shelf, Sort out your briefcase and everything it should contain. It actually makes the morning not so dreadful and the rest of the day becomes less stressful.

If the tasks of the morning make you weep, take care of the hard parts before you sleep.

victor kiam procrastination quotes“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” ― VICTOR KIAM



5. Tired of Procrastinating A Reading Habit? Try out an Audiobook.

I am sure you really meant to start reading again. I’ll admit that I am in no rush to. You may have a better reason as to why you don’t. For example, your life may actually be too busy. But if you thought about it long enough you can find pockets of time that do not require too much brain power. I have gotten into the habit of pressing play on an audiobook while I clean up the apartment, walk the dog or while Kristina nags me about something I didn’t do (just kidding). It makes my day feel more productive and is a decent substitute until when I decide to be literate again.

Whether you hear it or you read it, the point is that you know it.

david allen procrastination quotes“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” ― DAVID ALLEN



Well, that is for now. But I promise I have more. If you come back to what’s in store, you will be glad you did. Of this I am sure.

Until then, stop procrastinating! It is not wise to keep success waiting.


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