The professionals of the blogosphere are looking for more subtle and unique ways of leaving an impression on an audience. 

Plenty of us are realizing we can build our brands online by churning out content.

Websites have become an opportunity to convey a story and expertise. Connect through authenticity and you may build a following. Yet, many writers think it is enough to simply copy, adjust and post.

Visitors are subscribing if they like what they read. Webmasters are growing their Email list, generating more leads than ever before. Yet, some writers still don’t have a target audience in mind.

Search engines are also rewarding us with attention. If we learn exactly what rules to follow and what keywords have relatively low competition, SERPs become more friendly with us. Still, some writers do not realize that during an age of expression, today’s artists must be strategic as they are creative.

Our websites have become an important vehicle for awareness and revenue. To the point, some of us have lost sight on what counts as good content writing.

Quantity seems to be taking priority over quality.

In the process, many of us are noticing posts are generating little traction. Search engines are ignoring articles as bounce rates worsen.

In an age where everybody writes, it is vital that we write well. We can meet our deadlines and still produce digitally success content if we satisfy these six writing attributes. Time to create engagement.


great content-problem solving

Poems were my introduction to writing. I could talk about emotions and experiences. I could be melodramatic and self-focused.

And most of all, I could be pointless. Lines I thought were beautiful didn’t have to make sense, I figured people would call it art if they didn’t get it.

For a long time, even after I began writing articles, I kept these same habits. I was writing for myself. DOESN’T WORK!

Writing great content online is about being purposeful. You can’t dance around meaningless sentences as you look to boost your word count. Get to the point and resolve pain points.

Write to solve problems because that is how users search. In doing so, you will unwittingly begin to match for keywords entered into search queries.

Because think about it, if people are using Google to find solutions to everyday problems, by creating the right content you open yourself up to new opportunities, more traffic.

Begin creating by keeping these two things in mind,  what problem do I want to solve for my reader?” And “how can I solve it thoroughly without wasting their time?” Readers will be grateful. And they will return for more.


great content-relevant

It’s fine and dandy to have a target audience in mind. Anyone can create a facebook add, select age, gender, and location. But have you started digging into the psychographics of your preferred reader?

Do you know they want to read?

Are you making guesses on which problems you ought to solve for them or do you have a system in place? Creating a strategy needn’t be complicated.

It can be as simple as a competitor analysis, a trend study or just plain ole asking.

You need to keep your pen on the pulse of your industry.

Don’t write for the sake of writing, write something that matters. Write to create value that is in step with the times. For your readers’ sake and for the love of search engines.


great content-authentic

I am not one of those people that believes you need to be passionate about writing to create something authentic. And I do not believe writing is a gift you can only be born with.

But you are born with a unique way of expressing yourself, and I am sure you are passionate about something.

Let yourself shine through your words. Be you, people buy that.

Don’t worry if your work doesn’t have the same tone as your favorite writers.

You like them because no one does their style as well as they do. Create your following by working on habits which improve how you communicate the true you.

Don’t waste time trying to be someone else. Authenticity breeds trust.


great content-connects

Forget the internet. Pay attention the next time you are watching T.V, try to notice.

When was the last time you saw an advertisement for coke selling you on price or a new ingredient?

When was the last time a pharmaceutical company didn’t try to sell you on just the facts, without the narrative of a character? When was the last time an insurance company didn’t try to move you through, humor or fear?

These days businesses have to sell a personality or a story. They know they will fade into the noise if they do not engage you by connecting with one of your deeper needs. Online writing is no different. Know what speaks to your audience instead of solely pushing an agenda.

Make relevant content that resonates with your audience. Solve problems by being in their shoes.


great content-creative

Creative writing online doesn’t begin and end with fancy terminology or how you link them up.

When I say creative, I mean the way you approach the structure of your posts.

I mean how you chose supporting stats, which you chose and if you are including graphics. I mean your possible commitment to being data driven while ensuring you don’t lose the attention of your reader.

I mean the perspective you choose to write from and how well you convince the reader to come back for more. And I certainly mean creative in terms of how you decide anchor links and what URLs you are connecting to.

Never forget, on the web you write for both the reader and search engine crawlers. Be creative with the number of things you get to be creative about.


great content-concise

Yes, you need to be creative. Yes, you need to be authentic. Yes, you need to solve problems. But not with more words than necessary. Don’t waste your reader’s time. Be concise.


great content-goodbye

Marketing is personal. 

Bloggers and online writers aren’t the only people who need to sharpen their approach to content creation. Content marketing has spread across the spectrum of digital media.

Newspapers are giving their journalists voices on Podcasts. Kevin Durant has a Youtube channel. And my 15-year-old brother has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram.

It should puzzle no one that the information age has been driven by our nature to communicate. With increasing accessibility, the internet becoming an extension of modern human nature. Social media offers every person a voice, and the chance to draw some attention.

We´re all creating content.

Whether it is a Facebook status update, a tweet, or a Tumblr entry, we are all finding an outlet for expression.

This proliferation and competition of messages have changed the landscape of advertising. It is either getting harder to stand out, or we are becoming too lazy to put in enough work.

But by making our audience a priority; by getting to know them; by anticipating their needs; by respecting their time; by being creative; and by remaining true to who we are, we can create well-written content online.

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