I turned thirty last year and it took about six months to overcome the psychological blow. 

Not kidding, I went through a pre-mid life crisis and I’m guessing I’m not alone.

Turning thirty is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. We can say it’s just a number but thirty comes and all of a sudden, life gets real-ER. 

I’d say, there are loads of experiences to enjoy when you’re younger. Mostly because you have the time, energy and freedom to do so. 

Life tends to be more complicated when we’re older. Your 20’s is a great opportunity for adventure and trying out new experiences. 

However, to experience your 3rd decade to its fullest, here are things you ought to consider before you turn thirty.

Travel Alone

Get into the habit of pushing your limits. Overcome your fears and broaden your horizons. 

Let your mind enjoy the wonder of a new place, as your heart pulsates with the excitement of doing things on your own terms.

Traveling alone is a great experience you ought to try once - do your research and be safe.

This can be a liberating and exciting challenge to mark your wonderful milestone.

Solo travel helps you to build independence and confidence. 

You can start with a small road trip in your country or book a ticket to a destination of your dreams. 

Jump on the opportunity to let the world surprise you - experience new parts of yourself by experiencing new parts of the world. A solo trip It is also a great way to know yourself since you’ll be spending so much time on your own.

Learn a New Language

They say learning a new language gets harder as you get older. I disagree.

Your mind will absorb just about anything you are interested in. 

Learning French as a teenager was a sham compared to my learning Spanish now. 

Now, I have a purpose for learning the language. I know how to manage my time better and I’m more aware of all the opportunities I may create for myself with a new language as part of my repertoire. I’m older and more motivated. 

Make thirty your chance to push yourself.

Besides, a second language is one of the best polishers of any resume. 

Admittedly, It’s a lot of work but it’s so much fun. 

When you learn a new language it improves your brain by enhancing your memory. It also exposes you to new culture and makes you more open minded.

Explore Your Talent

This is a great time to know yourself and what you can do best. 

Find that talent and harness the skills so that you can become successful. 

Pursuing your purpose is fulfilling.

Go Camping (Do things outside your box)

Camping is a fun adventure and a great way to connect with yourself.  It would also be my “out-of-character activity” - something you have never done and would not be expected to do.

Good thing thirty is a time to build character.

With fun things to do like hiking, swimming, canoeing and the like, I’m sure I’ll enjoy memorable moments. I may even decide to go camping with friends. We’ll see. 

While I make up my mind, you should think about your “out-of-character activity.”

Start Investing

Plan for the future.

Once you start making money, it’s a good idea to begin investing your hard earned cash. 

It is also an ideal time to start saving for your retirement and prepare for a rainy day fund. 

Learn about different methods of investing and choose the one that suits you best.

Learn How to Cook

Not knowing how to cook as a teenager is expected. 

Not knowing how to cook in your twenties is accepted. 

Don’t know how to cook in your thirties? No matter how many of your friends are in the same boat, the question remains the same, what are you waiting for?

Learn to prepare healthy meals for yourself. 

Learn to follow a recipe. 

The days of keggers should be behind you (well, they should be much less frequent). Learn the fun adult activity of cooking for guests as you host parties.

Join a Club

You are thirty, meaning you’ve had a decent amount of time to grow. You probably have a better idea of who you are and the things you want in your life.

 You may have shed some old friends as time has forced you apart, but that only means you have the opportunity for new begining with new people.

Joining a club with people who are like minded is a great way to enjoy life more.

You will also be able to make good friends and spend your time engaging with things that you enjoy. You are thirty now, time to spend less time doing things you always have been for the sake of it. Live more purposefully with people that bring out your best qualities.

What sort of clubs can you join? Any. Book clubs are popular but not required, just find a gathering of people we have similar hobbies to you.

Learn to Take Care of Yourself

Funny how thirty sneaks up on you. You feel like a slightly more mature version of your teenage self but here you are, at thirty. 

Sorry to break it to you, but that’s thirty years away from sixty. And you remember how fast the first three decades flew by. 

This is a great time to start making choices that will keep you in good health as you get older. 

Eat healthy food, exercise regularly and go for regular check- ups. 

Cliché but true, health is wealth.

Learn to Make Yourself Happy

Thirty is a great time to make peace with your past and accept yourself with your weaknesses and strengths. 

Moreso, from childhood, you’ve probably been on a path that was decided for you. Whether, teachers taught you good grades would lead to a good life. Or whether colleagues made you feel as though a fancy job title would bring satisfaction. 

Regardless of your past, thirty is a time to take a deep and true look at what happiness means for you.

Build Something from Scratch

We are natural creators. 

Experience the fulfillment of planning, executing and completing an objective from noting.

Beam with pride. This is a great way to introduce yourself to your thirties as you build your confidence.

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