2020, the year of vision and work. Our resolution. aside from sharing vision quotes with you, Kristina and I will put our heads down and continue working towards blurry vision until it is as crystal clear as our present reality.

You have to keep working until your work brings you the life you desire, but first and foremost you need to have Vision. Did you start the year with one?

If a vision only exists in mind, is a man’s work a portal into another version of reality, one he makes for himself?

walt disney quotes vision

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney



To celebrate the New Year, Kristina and I decided to stay home. A huge party was too predictable, so Kristina bought a sky lantern, and we wrote down all our wishes for this year, taping them to the edges of the paper balloon. The plan was to let our dreams fly. But 2020 got off to a wing-less start.

If I fail, it will all be my fault. This year is going to decide everything. It needs to be perfect. We ended 2019 on a nervous high.

After, accidentally, waking up four hours late from the turning of the clock from 2019 to 2020, Kristina shrugged and said, “we can just celebrate new years from a different country.” I found La Paz, and at 5 A.M Madrid time, we wished each other a happy new year.

I was paranoid, cosmically so.

If the universe is indifferent then should I be surprised that I will likely fail no matter how hard I work? As implied, the universe does not guarantee fairness or justice.

If the universe is indifferent, then it sure wouldn’t mind that I have decided never to give up. Last year I could tell you what my goal was, but this year I can tell you how I will achieve it. We feel ready, Kristina and I. 2020 is in for a fight.

The fight is much easier to fight with a vision, a firm idea of your goal and everything you will do to achieve it.  See where you are going. Know that you want to get to that place badly, which will give your life direction and purpose. With determination and motivation, you take one more step every day. With inspiration, you are excited to try, and maybe your idea became a bit clearer and brighter, much easier to follow.  And how had I been doing thus far? Day 2, 2020, fail. Still paranoid.

john scully quotes vision

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” ― John Scully



I hadn’t posted anything on social media. I hadn’t finished a video I was supposed to edit. And I hadn’t written anything for the day, plus the script to my big 2020 project had wedged itself in between a grandiose idea and writer’s block. Surely we were making a terrible start to the year. All we had accomplished in the first six hours, was watching a show on Netflix, the OA (Now you understand from where these sudden existential questions arose). We fell asleep through the program at least four times but kept giving it another go.

“Can’t say we are not committed,” I joked.

But it wasn’t the start of the year we had planned.  We wanted to reflect on the previous year, all the things we had accomplished but instead we festered around each other, cooking and dozing off. I thought of my mother quite a few times during these languid periods, would she be proud of me? If she knew that I had no real idea of what would come of my life?

Why is life so complex?

What had our lives been about up until 2017? Though Kristina and I could not appreciate it all on New Year’s day, we had done enough to be exhausted. A two-day respite was well earned. No more feeling sorry. It is now January 3rd.  Time to make a schedule and kick some ass.

Do you see who you are going to be at the end of the year?

franklin d roosevelt quotes vision

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt



In your vision, you should see yourself, a person of character, and this will help change the person you are today. And because you have made your schedule, things you have to do every day for your vision, you will train useful habits into your nature. This new nature will fall in love with your work which will give your life value.

It didn’t matter how the year was already going, we would make something out of our disappointment regardless. Me and Kristina’s sky lantern would not fly so we set out wishes on fire. Literally. We took a lighter to the edge of each sheet and watched them burn. A new tradition was born.

I got the sense that this was going to be a trying year, things wouldn’t come easy. To be successful this year, we are going to have to overcome our laziness, insecurities, and responsibilities.

For this year to go as what it should, we are going to have to reexamine those unexpected setbacks. Find a more beautiful opportunity after a failure. That is what 2019 is going to be about because things always end up working out better than you plan if you see things the right way and capitalize.

This year, like last year, depends entirely on what you are willing to fight through. And after two years of exploring countries and cities, engaging ideas and interviewing people all for the sake of building my work, I am ready to share the most integral advice I have for you and your dream:


A schedule will get you through the down days when you just don’t see the point anymore. Even when you can’t see the vision, the schedule will keep you on track. VISION. FIRST. SCHEDULE. NEXT. 2020!!

You need to have a vision of what your life is going to be. For example, if you are going to be cycling champ then see yourself as the best- First. Next – Your every moment should be spent preparing to be a champion, or at the very least pretending to be a champion by doing everything a champion would. Get your routine down to the nearest hour.

This may all sound crazy, but 2020  is the year to give you a try, see where you take you.


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