You can learn persistence.

We’d say start with your passion. Let that drive you. 

You’re going to encounter so many challenges that even though your brilliant idea may have a place in the world, you may never achieve it. You have to learn to keep going.

We are going to share with you what has worked for us.

Bonds&Kindness is what it is today, not because we were blessed with some addiction to creating content. On the contrary, we’d rather be hanging out with our friends or asleep. But we keep creating because we realised that persistence is just a fancy word for productive habits.

Start with your goal, create a plan and stick to it. No matter what.

To be persistent, take baby steps. We started by creating a list of books that interested us. 

Learning new things feeds your creativity. You’ll need to rely on creativity to continue overcoming obstacles. 



Find a spark that gets you going. Have fun with persistence. It’s important to enjoy yourself while you work. 

The next step is to make a detailed schedule of tasks that need to be accomplished daily. 

This agenda becomes your holy book. Make sure to only include objectives that help you learn.  Your list needs to be so full that you are too busy to doubt yourself.

What happens is that you begin to fall in love with your habits. Your vision becomes clearer and it becomes natural for you to persist. 

You need to commit to a fully booked schedule that carries you through a month. Then you readjust your goals, managing new challenges in the process. 

It really is that simple.

If you are not born with it, act like it anyway. Persistence is all about taking one more step. Don’t give up.

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