1. “Together, we can bring our planet’s heartbeat back.” ― IAN SOMERHALDER

2. “One planet, one experiment.” ― E. O. WILSON

3. “Could it be that the planets are castaway heads.” ― VISAR ZHITI

4. “Pluto is dead.” ― MIKE BROWN

5. “We’re in very bad trouble if we don’t understand the planet we’re trying to save. “ ― CARL SAGAN

6. “Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water, and there’s so much we can be doing with oceans, and it was one of the frontiers that people have more or less abandoned.” ― PETER THIEL

7. “She’s a Mercury, with the full hotness of the sun beating down on her. I’m a Pluto. Sure, my friend’s appreciate me, but I’m barely holding on to the far reaches of the galaxy.” ― JAY ASHER

8. “We will spend billions making inhospitable distant planets habitable. And yet we spend trillions destroying the abundant ingredients for life on our home planet.” ― FREEQUILL

9. “The planet is always half light and half dark, and so are we.” ― JENNIFER LYNCH

10. “We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one. There can be no ‘plan B’ because there is no ‘planet B.” ― BAN KI-MOON

11. “My view of our planet was a glimpse of divinity.” ― EDGAR MITCHELL

12. “When you live on a round planet, there’s no choosing sides.” ― WAYNE DYER

13. “On Titan the molecules that have been raining down like manna from heaven for the last 4 billion years might still be there largely unaltered deep-frozen awaiting the chemists from Earth” ― CARL SAGAN

14. “We batter this planet as if we had someplace else to go.” ― ANN DRUYAN

15. “This planet is a wonderful place, but a vulnerable place.” ― ASSATA SHAKUR

16. “Her eyes are planets whose subjects aren’t subject to the laws of gravity.” ― CURTIS TYRONE JONES

17. “Any planet is ‘Earth’ to those that live on it.” ― ISAAC ASIMOV

18. “Our planet is a tiny atom in god’s kingdom.” ― PAULA COLE

19. “The planet isn’t going anywhere. We are.” ― GEORGE CARLIN

20. “The planets are bodies in the solar system and so are we. You and I in elliptical orbs circling life. It is life we want, but we daren’t come too close for fear it might burn us away, this life in its intensity.” ― JEANETTE WINTERSON

21. “No planet is as magical as our earth in the solar system because earth has millions of planets within: Original ideas! Yes, any original idea is a planet where you can happily breathe and live inside!” ― MEHMET MURAT ILDAN

22. “An endangered planet may depend on the evolution of consciousness.” ― DEEPAK CHOPRA

23. “True love is so strong and at the same time confusing to understand—Perhaps, the force that move the planets is the same force that moves two lovers. Only God knows!” ― MWANANDEKE KINDEMBO

24. “The level of violence on the planet today is no longer sustainable.” ― MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

25. “Camomille: Fallible men write books. God writes in sunlight and rivers and planets. Isn’t the Universe a good book? I trust it above the printed kind.” ― MARK SIEGEL

26. “Planet Earth is far more resilient than humans and will certainly outlive us.” ― EMILY CALANDRELLI

27. “We have the most beautiful planet – the Rockies, the purple fields of the United States, the Lake District, the Pyrenees, the turquoise seas of the tropics.” ― DAN AYKROYD

28. “The destruction of this planet would have no significance on a cosmic scale.” ― STANLEY KUBRICK

29. “From the Moon’s surface, the Earth is but a tiny, blue teardrop in the inky blackness of space.” ― STEWART STAFFORD

30. “We are on this planet but once, and to spend it holding back our gushing appreciation of the things that light us up is a shameful waste.” ― JEN SINCERO

31. “The planet’s hope and salvation lies in the adoption of revolutionary new knowledge being revealed at the frontiers of science.” ― BRUCE LIPTON

32. “So often we talk about saving the planet, but what we really mean is to save the planet the way it is, so we can live here. So that is can sustain us.” ― DAVE MATTHEWS

33. “Somewhere on this planet is your best friend. Find that person.” ― OMAR KIAM

34. “The best thing we can do to save the planet is set a good example for our kids at home.” ― LETITIA BALDRIGE

35. “The planet’s biggest problems have to do with sustainability, environmental decline, global poverty, disease, conflict and so forth. Really, they’re all interconnected – it’s one big problem, which is that the way we’re doing things can’t go on.” ― ALEX STEFFEN

36. “This planet is obviously being used as an insane asylum by other planets.” ― GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

37. “You’re on Earth. There’s no cure for that.” ― SAMUEL BECKETT

38. “A planet is the cradle of mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.” ― KONSTANTIN TSIOLKOVSKY

39. “Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them. ― SUZY KASSEM

40. “We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.” ― STEPHEN HAWKING

41. “We occupy the planet with a vengeance. We seek to dominate it.” ― HENRY ROLLINS

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