Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is the largest city in Quebec Canada. 

It’s the leading host for international events and home to the famous Cirque de Soleil. 

The city is beautiful, historic and a perfect place to explore.

Despite being among Canada’s largest cities it boasts the country’s lowest crimes. And as a bonus, Montreal is an affordable city to visit and offers plenty of free things to do and see. 

Montreal has long, cold, and snowy winters, but there are fascinating winter events and activities to engage in. 

It offers great ways to enjoy the chilling months. From action sports and ice-skating to outdoor electronic dance parties the city keeps playing all winter long. 

What’s more, you’ll discover  indoor activities such as museum exhibitions, circus performances, live music, underground public art, and winter-themed cuisines. 

Here are the top things to do in Montreal during winter.

Visit the Museums

The city of Montreal has fabulous museums that contain some great Canadian art collections.

 You can warm up on a cold winter day by discovering these amazing museums. 

Musee des beux-Art De Montreal is known for the impressive Art collection.

You will also experience fine art from European artists, Islamic metalwork, African masks, and Buddhist sculptures.

Explore Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park offers skating, sliding, snowshoeing, and skiing right in the heart of the city.

There are beautiful paths through the park which lead visitors to scenic lookout points. 

The park also houses a free permanent exhibit with information about its history, preservation, and conservation. 

There’s a café inside where you can take a hot cup of coffee.

Explore Notre Dame Basilica

The Notre Dame Basilica is one of the major attractions to the city, a stunning cathedral with an incredible painted roof, ornate architecture, beautiful decorations, and intricate statues. 

The basilica hosts a light and sound show called AURA. This is an awe inspiring bonanza with a mix of colored lights, organ music, and timeless architecture.

Visit Montreal High Light Festival

The Montreal High Light Festival is one of the largest winter festivals in the world which combines performing arts, exquisite food, the finest chefs, and free family fun. 

The ten-day festival offers incredible free activities although tickets are available to purchase for concerts and dining options. 

An all-night indulgence of free art, culture, food, music, and winter sports awaits those who dare to step foot in Montreal durig the winter. 

Explore Old Montreal Port

The old Montreal Port is a gem. 

It is one of the picturesque places that’s been revamped, realizing over 6 million visitors in a year. 

The old port is an ideal scenic spot to lace up your skates and head on to one of the best ice surfaces in the city. 

You’ll discover remarkable food vendors highlighting Quebec culture and history. 

You may also choose to go fishing in the ice fishing village where you can enjoy a day catching Nile perch and burbot.

Go Underground

This is a great way to escape the snow and cold that often blankets Montreal during winter.

 The underground city offers visitors access to shopping malls, hotels, museums, banks, metro stations, and more. 

As a visitor, a map may be necessary to help navigate the massive complex.

Wander the Streets

During the winter season, Montreal is transformed into a Christmas wonderland. 

The historical architecture with the liveliness in Montreal creates a magical winter scene. The downtown area is a great place to wander and witness the lights and decorations in the streets and parks.

For starters, Parc La Fontaine is, especiaially, outfitted with twinkling lights throughout the trees that illuminate a beautiful skating pond. Daring to challenge the splendor of Manhattan’s Christmas presentation, McGill College Avenue is famous for its millions of sparkling lights that illuminate over a beautiful Christmas tree.

Stroll Through Montreal Markets

Montreal markets are a great place to explore and tickle the taste buds. 

You may consider embarking on a food tour to learn more about local cuisine. The great market destinations to look out for are the Jean-Talon market and the Mile-Ex district.

Tour the City’s Cross-country Trails

Cross-country skiing is a popular and easy to learn winter sport for all ages. 

Montreal is home to a host of venues equipped with chalets, rental services, and well-maintained trails.

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