Medellin is the second-largest Colombian city and the capital of Antioquia province. It was once famed for being one of the most dangerous cities in the world but it has evolved into one of the hottest tourist destinations in South America. 

Today the city is modern, innovative, and quite simply, lovely.

It’s nicknamed the “City of the Eternal Spring” for its perpetually perfect year-round spring-like weather. The city is packed with stunning natural beauty and bustling metropolitan cities

Medellin is known for its vibrancy, coastlines, culture, and creativity. It is jam-packed with museums, restaurants, bars, and clubs to keep you entertained during your visit. 

Medellin is home to the paisa people who are known for their endless hospitality and love for partying which makes the place an even more enjoyable destination.

The city of eternal springs has an incredible amount to offer to its visitors. Here are a few of  the highlights you ought to consider during your visit.

Join a Free Walking Tour

The free walking tour in Medellin is one of the most popular walking tours in the world. 

Everyone who visits the city should take part in this tour preferably on the first or second day of arriving. 

This gives travelers a better understanding of not just Medellin but Columbia as a whole from the perspective of an insightful and experienced guide. 

While the cost of a tour is free, you are expected to tip the attendees at the end of the tour. 

Be sure to book ahead of time.

Visit Museo De Antioquia

This is the most iconic museum in Medellin. Here you will find an excellent selection of works by the iconic Colombian artist Fernando Butero. It’s also home to many Colombian works as well as national and international works by famous artists. 

Ride a Cable Car to Parque Arvi

Arvi Park can be found in the mountains next to Medellin. It is a Pre-Hispanic archeological site and nature reserve. It makes for an amazing nature getaway and a great sunset spot. 

On the 20 minutes ride, you’ll enjoy incredible views of the valley and city from high up while going past the hills. 

Cable cars are a great way to see the city expansively.

Explore Plaza Butero and Parque De Las Luces

These are two places you can’t miss when you are heading to downtown Medellin. Plaza Butero is known as the hub of Medellin.

 It is dedicated to Fernando Butero, a figurative artist and sculptor. There are 23 sculptures scattered about the plaza, all donated by the artist.

 It is always packed with people taking photos, street performers, and artists. 

Parque De Las Luces is a 5 minutes’ walk from Plaza Butero and it's better explored at night. This is because you can find 300 light towers that make an amazing light forest during the night.

Walk Around El Poblado

El Poblado has a well-deserving reputation for being a tourist, expensive party place. It is a beautiful area of shady streets with a solid café culture and a range of different types of international foods. You will also find coffee shops, free wifi, bars, spas, gyms, and all other comforts from home.

Visit Guatape

Guatape is a picturesque, colorful lake town about two hours outside the city. 

The popular activity is climbing the 740 steps up El Penol, a giant rock for an amazing view of the islands and water beneath. You will also have an opportunity to take photos of beautifully painted home exteriors and visit plaza De Zocalos the most colorful town in Columbia.

Relax in the Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens of Jardin Botanical is a perfect escape from the noise of the city. It is a natural oasis with more than 1000 species of wildlife and 4500 flowers. 

There’s a butterfly garden, a cactus garden, and a huge collection of orchids. Bonus, entry is free.

Visit Comuna 13

This is one of the famous districts in a transformed city. It was one of the most violent in Medellin with rampant murder, drugs, and crime. It now boasts a massive street art scene. 

Hint, the best way to explore the place is by booking a tour to Comuna 13.

Go for Salsa Dancing

Columbia has always been known for salsa dancing, so it is a great opportunity to learn from the Columbian people. 

Might be worth checking out, Son Havana or EL Elasbo Predido to enjoy live salsa music.

Visit Plaza Minorista Market

You can get an authentic look at Medellin food culture by visiting the Minorista market. It is a huge farmers market filled with local vendors. Take a tour to do some fruit tasting or purchase whatever looks good to you.

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