Kristina and I are going to leave our mark on the world. This is a short story about one of our conversations. It was a Thursday night before Kristina’s new job. So we thought we’d boil down human existence to three simple things.


“Life is about truth,” Kristina said coming to another one of her conclusions.


I stopped to think for a second in our one bedroom apartment in Moncofa, Spain, a perfect starter home for a young couple.


“Yea,” I breathed relaxing my feet onto our new mesita. “Things are either how they were, how they are or how the would be. Truth.”


The last time we had this sort of conversation, two days before, we talked about the connection between instincts and feelings. We marvelled at how human reason evolves not only our adaptability to a world we complicate but also the very essence of what it means to exist.


Reason rots without truth.


“The rest just try to find themselves among elements of truth,” Kristina completed. “You lie, and you are just making problems where there shouldn’t be any.”


We are starting to call ourselves modern hippies. And part of being modern is discovering that you don’t need to be high on LSD for a transcending experience, sometimes you just need to find the perfect partner.


“I agree babe,” I said setting down my glass of wine. “Don’t lie to yourself or deceive others. Lies have no real place in the world. Just bring discomfort– You know. Philosophically speaking.”


“Philosophically speaking,” I echoed.


That was Kristina’s way of telling me not to lie to her. And that not my way of promising not to.


“So you are not just saying it. You aren’t going to move on to the next thing,” Kristina asked. She is worried that artists have a tendency to get bored and move on after the feeling of excitement has left them. “We are going to do everything you said, even the Cafe?”


I could never admit it before, but I never believed in myself until I met Kristina. I told her about my Cafè idea at the music festival where we met and ran with it as if it was always hers. “It’s the coffee, yes, but the art too. Imagine the ambience,” Kristina said at the music festival where we met.


I must have been trying to impress her. But hey. It worked. And now I have the perfect partner for manifesting ideas in a chaotic reality. We want to make our dent by affecting human consciousness.


“Our greatest lack is not money for any undertaking, but rather ideas. If the ideas are good, cash will somehow flow to where it is needed.” — ROBERT SCHULLER


Have you noticed that since the very beginning, people have been growing closer, but civilizations have divided into separations of politics, economics, and propaganda.


Still, we can make the best possible world when everyone finds the courage to find and pursue their passions. We must be curious individuals adding to the diversity of the collective, playing our part in society.


But now is the time for us to grow. For us to engage and work with each other by giving our very best while adhering to three simple themes of humanity.


The café is where Kristina and I want to spread this message — by selling things.


“I love dreaming with you,” I said.


“The second thing,” Kristina said continuing to try narrowing down our complex humanity to its three most important elements. “The second key is Kindness.”


“Sounds good. But you know I need more than a Hallmark card babe,” I said trying to sound unphased that she had ignored my sweet talk.


“Death and taxes they say, well taxes weren’t thought up until a certain point, but one thing you can be sure of is that your being alive means that you will and must have come into contact with other human beings.”


“We are social creatures,” I interjected. Like other organisms that need to connect and interact. But because of reason, we can choose our behaviour as we mingle.”


“That’s why we need to be kind and selfless because the alternative is…well look where we are now.”


“I agree. Kindness. Don’t worry, values will always be the point of everything we do, and by the time we have our cafe, ethics will be in everything we do,” I said trying to keep up.


“Yea. But we can’t be boring. I don’t want to be one of those gimmicky shops,” Kristina corrected.


“No way, it has to be practical and scalable In case the first one is a hit.”


“I want to sell our books there. Just our books.”


“And just coffee.”


“well, maybe some snacks too. And the shirts.”


“Well. I don’t want it to be too stuffy. It should feel open, like a gallery so people can walk around as they look at the art with a cup of coffee in their hands.”


“Yes. But we need the shirts,” Kristina reasserted.


“We need the space and space is expensive,” I cautioned. She pouted.


“We are having the shirts,” she said again.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — LES BROWN


When you have a dream, visualize it. Revel in it, see it so clear that it feel like you are moving towards something that already exists.


bk quotes



“But as we were saying, seek your truths, those that matter to you-,” I said trying to get back on topic.


“And be kind.”


Life should be a game of who can live the kindest, not who can die the richest. The golden rule exists for a reason. You do unto others as you would onto yourself because we get so much more done when we are helping each other. Since most of us know this, why do more of us not live it?


The problem is that popular media sensationalizes, our politicians distort and shrug, unbiased information now has a motive, and only a few can win. You should hear Kristina’s protests against capitalism as she struggles to accept the consequences of our alternatives.


Yet, every single man alive can find happiness without impeding on the happiness of his neighbour. These are the conversations Kristina hope to spark in our cafè with art that recognizes brilliant thinkers, with printed shirts that represent current movements and with a small lounge that entices people to share ideas.


“Make a new friend” will be the tag on our welcome mat.


“Our cafè is going to be super cool,” Kristina exhaled.


“But super difficult. We have been working on so many ideas for a year now, and it still feels like years away,” I said.


“It will come, you will see,” Kristina prophesied.


“The third. What is the third thing,” I reminded before she drifted away into another conversation as she often does.


“Hard work.”


Everything is for nothing, if the masses do not question, do not believe or believe that their potential is a fringe element of their existence. But this change comes from a hard decision to be in charge of one’s life. And it takes hard work to sustain that decision.


It is so much easier to gossip about the lives of other and shop for things we are going to get rid of after the next commercial. So if people are going to talk and buy things, we want to give them things worth discussing and values that are for sale. All in our café.


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ― C.S. Lewis


“But we need to find work we love,” I said. “Or find love in the work we have to do. It’s the only way people will willingly contribute their very best to the rest of us.”


“That’s not so easy for everyone. I am still not sure exactly what I want to do,” Kristina said.


“It will come, babe. You are trying, and we know we want a cafe. Just take the first step, and the rest will come.”


You would certainly agree that people are inherently good. We have accomplished tremendous feats on our journey. The latest fashion, the hottest gossip, the newest trends, these are not the enemy. Distractions are not in themselves a problem, the over-reliance on distractions and the manipulation of these distractions are the two elements that trivialize the human potential.


The goal is to start moving away from consumerism to humanity. From fear to love. From lies to truth.From I’ll take what I can to I’ll do what I must.


“So that’s it. Let’s do it ok? No more doubt,” I said.


“Doubt will come, but we will work through it.”


“No more fear.”


“Fear will come, but we will run to it and not from it.”


“No more excuses.”


“No. Never. There is no room for excuses. We are on a mission.”


“And that is how it has to be, a mission of no return,” Kristina affirmed.

And that is how you get a dream done, you say it, and you commit to it. It hasn’t happened for us yet but we know it will.


You go for your dream willing to ride its ups and downs, but you stay loyal to the truth, your truth. You look at where you are, what you got, and you decide to do your best anyway. All Kristina and I had that day were a glass of wine and idea, but we have been putting a few things together that make our plan a multi-year project.


Even if, after working with everything at your disposal, you only move an inch in a 100-mile race, you take that baby step. You get ready for hundreds of hours spent only to end up in failure. But you get up again because even though you fail, you gain that inch by learning from your mistakes and deciding to continue.


“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” — WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN


You get to where you are going by focusing on what your work will do for others. Your work is your expression of kindness to the world, never forget it. Keep giving your all. It takes hard work that your friend may never understand.


Kristina and I are going to have our café, because like every successful person will tell you, you make your future. Her is hope you make the right decision to make yours, and you do the hard thing by sticking with your goal no matter what.


“You are going to write about this aren’t you,” Kristina asked.


“What makes you think I didn’t write this already?”


Stay true to you. Be kind to all you meet and work your socks off.



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