If you would like to give him credit for his musical genius or not, Kanye West is an inspiration. Along with what we can learn about him, I want to share some Kanye West Quotes.

Find your passion and resolve to fight for it because even though Kanye West believes he is a genius, above all others, it does not mean you aren’t. We all have our Walt Disney level genius in us, our calling. And it is worth dying for.

kanye west quotes 2For me giving up is way harder than trying.” — KANYE WEST

Kanye West is a producer, turned rapper, turned fashion designer, turned media agitator. But at the very least he is who is, an example worth learning from, for both the positives and the negatives.

I see Kanye West, and I see a man that I want to be like and the also the man I never hope to be. I could do with the persistence of a dream, the creativity and the exploration of ideas. I could never be well served by the blatant arrogance, the ill decorum and the constant need for adulation.


One ought to find sufficient satisfaction getting better at the things I love, building on a vision that fulfils me. But can one find success without that inconsiderate decorum of the early Steve Jobs, the political Donald Trump or the diva-ish Mariah Carey? Sometimes people need to have their ideas come to fruition so bad that they do it at the expense of those around them. That is not what passion is about, and it is certainly not what great human beings are about. Do your passion the right way.

Kanye fights for his dream as we all should. “Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers,” Kanye said expressing the level of commitment and hard work that it takes to achieve success. The man does what he sets out to do, only if he wouldn’t so much noise about it. Work in silence, and let your success speak for itself.

kanye west quotes 4”Everyone’s always telling you to be humble. When was the last time someone told you to be great?” — KANYE WEST

We all face challenges, lashing out against the world as a reaction serves no one but your detractors. Only if your work is about you and what people think about you can you be so preoccupied with an opinion. Like Viktor Frankl wrote in his 1946 classic, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” You must sacrifice yourself for your work. Put your ego aside and live to the best of your ability. But like Kanye admits in a song, “I got such a big ego.” You shouldn’t. Live for others, and you will live best.

Every single person has the genius to express and this genius is your responsibility. There is no one way to success, make your path. Learn from the good and the wrong of those you look up to because you are not working to emulate anyone but to surpass what you thought were your limitations.

kanye west quotes 8“Success is the best revenge.” — KANYE WEST

Kanye also once said, “I am too busy making history to read it.” You can too. But a good book never hurt anyone.


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