As we see it, the only way to rise above is to commit. Worthy goals require grit.

Imagine a kite, sailing on high. Your hand on the spool as you watch it fly. 

From where you stand to the diamond’s spine, you are connected by a single line. 

Hold on tight, and take your time. It is always better when it takes a while. 

Don’t let go, keep it steady. Keep looking above, with a smile.

Dreams are diamonds, those up high. You set them free, you pilot your dreams.

Be a person of action, not just words. If you focus on you, you soar with the birds. 

Time to rise. Kites should fly. Don’t be dormant. 

I’ll be blunt. If you’re wise, you will see, commitment lies between you and your dreams.

Have no fear. Take your dreams in hand. Start today. Time to dare. 

Check for the wind, its way and force. How it blows is the heart’s course.

Plan your dreams. Assemble your kite. Untangle the strings. Work out the kinks.

Hold firm the spool. It is how you commit. Now set free the kite, you must begin. 

If it falls, you can’t quit. Pick your dreams up. No pain, no gain.

Until you are a master you may continue to crash. Don’t be discouraged. You get better. Don’t toss those dreams into the trash.

Before they fully set off, kites fly wildly. The wind will sway, sometimes it will rock. It may take a few tries, nothing comes easy.  Simply pull on the string and you’ll be ready.

The higher you go, the easier it gets. Till little by little, you are the king of the sky. Just hang on, continue to steer. Commitment keeps kites in the air.

The purpose of a man gives life its wings. Give your best, for what the future brings. 

Remember, remember. At least don’t forget. If you break your commitment, you lose your dreams.

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