One of the most difficult SEO ranking factors to influence happens to be one of the most important.

Optimizing your website is about more than targeting search engine algorithms. You have to get in the mind of your audience. By improving your number of direct website visitors, you’ll improve your overall web performance.

We’re going to explain everything you ought to assess when it comes to impacting this ultimate factor of website ranking.

DIRECT WEBSITE VISITS: Comments From The SEO Ranking Factors Study:

oost direct web traffic-seo ranking

  • There are significantly more direct visits on the pages that are at the top of the SERP than on the pages from the second position.
  • In the high-volume segment, the difference is dramatic: top pages get on average three times more direct visits than the pages on the second position.

According to Semrush, direct website visits is the most influential factor for ranking.

That means it is important that users remember your URL. You want users to open up their browsers and write in your URL.

Direct Visitors: The Wikipedia Example

Boost direct web traffic-wikipedia

It shouldn’t surprise you as to why Wikipedia seems to be on the front page of practically every informational search result.

Though Wikipedia is popularly known as publicly funded, it is trusted by Google to satisfy user search needs.

Aside from social media platforms, which other website do you imagine attracts more direct traffic? Wikipedia is considered an authoritative site because users trust the website enough to remember it.

And how do you become trusted online? You become reliable and relevant.

Direct Traffic is a Sensible Metric

Boost direct web traffic-sensible metric

To get traffic, you need traffic.

It makes sense.

Think about it, why do most people assume that the best restaurant in town is the one that is always booked?

Why are the hottest nightclubs those with longest lines?

We tend to attribute quality to destinations that attract the most traffic. Search engines think the same way.

If we, as humans, like the things that others are like, then your business needs a steady flow of traffic to become authoritative in the eyes of Google.  

Search engines are trying to replicate the way we think, as they anticipate content we will like.

To boost your time on site, follow the Wikipedia model. Be reliable and relevant. Achieve these objectives as you raise awareness, boost engagement and stay consistent.

Direct Website Visit Tactic 1 – The SEO Approach

Boost direct web traffic-seo approach


Awareness + Engagement + Consistency = More Direct Visitors

It takes about eighteen months for the typical website to begin ranking on the first page of search results. And that’s with an active backlink profile.

However, you may shorten your wait time, depending on your level of keyword analysis.

Find high search volume, low competition keywords that are relevant to your niche. Create a page for your target term and create content that matches user search intent.

If you begin to show up on search engine results pages, people will slowly begin to recognize you. And we call that AWARENESS!

Targeting low competition keyword Favors Your Organic Search Performance

Boost direct web traffic-low competition

Organic traffic can play a massive role in your ability to attract direct traffic.

If you start to pop up when users search for answers online, you’ll begin to attract clicks, which will influence your ranking.

The problem you face is that plenty of large brands dominate the top results for relevant terms. These brands are authoritative resources online. They are trusted by users. They eventually attract direct traffic.

To claim your share of organic traffic, you ought to target low competition keywords.

How else can you hope to get your pages in front a new audience online?

How else do you plan on competing with mega-brands with digital marketing budgets?

How else do you gain an edge over pages that are already building on their history of direct traffic?

You focus on search terms that are still up for grabs, low competition keywords.

Awareness + Engagement + Consistency = More Direct Visitors

Be sure to create pages that engage your new visitors.

Why SEO Becomes a Full-time Job

Get in front of future customers and visitors by addressing the keywords that your competition has left behind.

You build traffic by targeting low competition keywords. Consistently deliver engaging content. People will begin to click on your page for problems that no other brand wants to solve.

We’ve seen it time and time again in reports.

A Website slowly builds traffic from zero visitors per month to fifty to a hundred to five hundred to a thousand. And then suddenly traffic skyrockets.

This is why you hear experts saying that SEO is a full-timejob.

You build slowly as search engines take notice of the hard work you are investing over time.

Awareness + Engagement + Consistency = Better Time on Site

Direct Website Visit Tactic 2 – The Social Media Approach

You can influence awareness by building an audience on social media platforms.

If you consistently engage with those interested in your niche, it is will only be a matter of time until users start entering your name into their browsers.

Worth mentioning that Twitter is the best for social media platform for generating engagement from links.

But note. We don’t recommend you open up a twitter account just so you can start posting links to your pages.

That doesn’t work.

Social media is the playground of what? You got it, ENGAGEMENT!!!

You have to interact with followers. Share content of value.

No Follow-For-Follow Tricks Please

What is a follow-for-follow social media campaign?

A follow for follow campaign is the tactic of gaining followers by subscribing to a large number of account in hopes of earning reciprocal subscriptions.

A follow-for-follow social media campaign would hardly attract users who will take the time to know you.

Most people will return a follow out of habit. OR they’ll follow you because they know you will unfollow if they don’t.

But if you decide to engage in a follow-for-follow campaign, assume that 1 out of every hundred people will actually care about what you have to offer.

However, with quality and consistency, it doesn’t take much to turn one fan of your brand into five fans, and so on.

Be sure to make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media, directly from your site.

If visitors are going to be falling in love with what you have to offer, might as well allow them to spread the good word.

Direct Website Visit Tactic 3 – The Pay Per Click Approach

Number three on your list of priorities for influencing direct website are pay per click campaigns, eg. Adwords or Bings Ads.

CONSISTENTLY create ads for your most ENGAGING pages in order to raise AWARENESS.

Placing Ads on search engine results pages is a reliable way to cut the line for web traffic.

You want people to get used to seeing your brand, interacting with it until they start asking for you by name. So shell out a few bucks and you just may get what you are looking for.

But heed! Don’t be like the younger version of myself, blindly throwing money into a bottomless pit just to say you are running ads on Google.

Note that users tend to stay away from ads unless these Ads directly address their needs.

This is where research comes into play: learn about retargeting, a/b tests and how facebook’s thorough segmentation of users may come in handy.

If you are willing to pay for some startup traffic, you might as well do it correctly.

Keep in mind that depending on your industry, you may have to bid (spend) more than others.

It may take you a month or two to get the hang of which Adwords are most cost efficient but once you get the hang of it, you will watch your brand grow.

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