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Follow Your Heart

Imagine living in a world where every individual feels empowered to chase a dream.

At B&K, we believe life is a game of who can live the kindest, not who can die the richest. We also believe each individual is capable of making remarkable contributions to the world.

If you can find work you love, if you can create the opportunity to dedicate time and effort to what you love, you’ll live a fulfilled life. Your fulfilled life will allow you to make a positive impact in your world. And your world just may inspire someone else.

As we like to say, if we all follow our hearts, we end up walking together.

Join our community of ordinary people who live extraordinary lives.


You have what it takes. Not only to change the yourself, but the world around you. If you don’t see how, then you simply lack the belief. B&K endeavours to awaken your greatness.

We share powerful stories to help you discover all the remarkable things happening in the outside world. Plus, we share content that helps you connect with the greatness in you.

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Dreams are hopes with wings. It’s time to fly.

We’re your support, encouraging you to take a leap of faith.

We don’t skim over the success formula. We strive to motivate with maximum transparency. We don’t simply tell you what it takes to be successful. We clearly demonstrate the steps, challenges and means of becoming your best you.

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We’re a source of non-stop creation, inspiration and motivation. By signing up above you’ll be joining a tribe of like minded individuals who are looking to make the most out of life. We aren’t going on an adventure that you can’t manage yourself, but having some company along the way makes the ride a lot more fun. Sign up today, we’d love to welcome you.

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If content is king then we’d like to welcome you to the most inspiring kingdom online. By joining the B&K community you’ll not only be alerted to newly published web-content, but you’ll also be able to OPT-IN to our off-page content (including podcasts, live streams and more).

We offer a completely immersive experience of actualization. No fluff, just imaginative content that dares to challenge your boundaries. Give us a try, there’s little to lose and much to gain.

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Imagine a brand partially, named “kindness,” that doesn’t give back to its community. Yea, that’s not us. We avoid the irony by sharing awesome giveaways with our fans. Sign up to be alerted to new and exciting contests. Enter our digital raffles to claim special prizes. Plus, if you’re interested, you may sign up to test out our products before they are launched!

Our aim is to be a shining example of the impact of generosity. With your help and participation we’d like to inspire the world with the infective nature of kindness. Remember to pass the love along once you receive it.

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We’re a brand that’s committed to unleashing the talents and ideas of others. However, we realize the challenge of accomplishing this goal if we remain a strictly digital experience. That’s why we’ll be hosting a few awesome events throughout the year. We hope to encourage connections between those in our network.

By joining the B&K community, you’ll grow as we grow. And exponentially so, as we put you in touch with possible lifelong friends that’ll bring the best out of you. Admittedly, we are still a few months away from launching events. But if you think our content’s creative, you’ll fall in love with the ideas we’ve been coming up with.

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

“My life is my message.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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