The ability to get along with people is a crucial factor of success.

You don’t achieve greatness alone. A bit of charisma will attract the right people to you. Charm will allow you to do what you want with attention. Also by learning how to spark an enriching conversation, you’ll improve your wellbeing. That’s why we’re going to explain the seven things you can do to raise your charm factor. We hope you are able to develop the self-confidence and charisma that will bring wonderful people into your life.

Why bother getting along with people? Think of charisma as the spark of great leaders. If people don’t like you, they won’t deal with you. They won’t help you and won’t get to know you. They certainly won’t get behind your ideas. By allowing people to feel comfortable with you and themselves, you’ll leave a positive impression on employers, friends, and strangers. You’ll be more trusted and lead a much more fulfilling life.

Be warm and mindful of your interactions with people and you’ll leave others wanting more. Time to raise your charm factor.

7 Ways to Be Charming at Any Moment

1. Frown Upside Down

1 how to be charming - smile

It’s practically impossible to charm anyone with a frown and a nasty attitude.

Charming people help others feel at ease. They help you feel nice about yourself, a bit more relaxed. And one of the ways they are able to do this is with a smile.

There is a consoling nature to a smile.

Don’t take such a simple gesture for granted. Remember that a smile is perhaps the most basic kindness one can wear. Not only will it help you get along with others, but smile long enough and you’ll brighten your mood. Your attitude and experience of life will be more positive.

2. Listen to Learn

2 how to be charming - listen

Let people talk about themselves. Ask questions. Limit your need to insert your opinion.

Have you ever wondered why therapists are becoming more popular? It’s because we’re living in an increasingly anxious world. Most people simply need to vent their frustrations as opposed to being told how to feel.

Plus, in a world of social media and “likes,” it seems some of us struggle to appreciate ourselves. We are constantly battling for attention online, comparing our real lives with the highlights of others.

To be charming, get to know the person behind the profile.  

When you speak, demonstrate you’ve paid attention by showing that you have considered the other person’s point of view.

Remember to engage and ask thoughtful questions.

3. Memorize and Say Names

3 how to be charming - remember names

When you meet someone for the first time, make an effort to remember their name. Ask for the correct pronunciation if they have a name you’re not familiar with.

When you see them again, greet them – with their name. To others, you’ll come off more like an old friend than a random acquaintance.

4. Compliment Others Sincerely

4 how to be charming - highlight

We’ve already asked you to listen to others more than you speak. You also ought to pay attention to the details that are unsaid.

A friend that consistently brings up a hobby may be trying to voice a deep need for fulfillment.  You may have the opportunity to make a meaningful connection by complementing their excitement and talent. You may even bring up the idea of turning the hobby into an occupation.

But whatever you do, always start by paying sincere attention. Nothing worse than offering generic compliments. Show an honest appreciation of what you find unique in a person.

5. Stop Raising Your Voice

5 how to be charming - avoid arguing

Respect the opinion of others. If you have nothing nice to say, then find a polite way to express yourself. Don’t stomp ideas just because you do not agree with them. Stay classy.

6. Acknowledge Achievement

6 how to be charming - appreciate

Charmers are people who rely on positive reinforcement. When you see other’s making an effort to achieve something of personal importance, encourage them.

Help people see what they can become and remind them that they’re well on their way to reaching their goal.

7. Be You

8 how to be charming - authentic

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’re struggling to identify who the TRUE YOU is – Or struggling with the tendencies of the current version of you.

You may naturally feel awkward in social situations, but that doesn’t mean you are an awkward person. To avoid confusing the matter, focus on being authentic.

What is the best version of yourself that you’d like to express at any moment? That’s the authentic you.

Go with your flow, it’s charming.


Looking for more reasons to give your Charm skills a try? We have put together the best quotes for you, so you never run out of inspiration. 

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